Putting a lifetime of gear design experience to work for you!

Beyta Gear Service is the engineering consultating firm of Charles D. Schultz. Charles has been active in the gear industry since 1971 in a variety of technical, sales, and management positions. These assignments have given him a very wide exposure to the trade, including all sizes and types of custom gear products. His designs are at work in applications ranging from small medical devices to lock and dam machinery. Mr. Schultz is a proud consulting member of the American Gear Manufacturers’ Association. In addition to publishing a short book on gears, Charles has had columns published in leading industry magazines, presented a paper at the American Gear Manufacturers’ Association Fall Technical Meeting, and taught seminars on gears and heat treating. Besides custom and catalog gearboxes he has designed and directed the construction of special gear cutting machines and heat treating equipment. With the establishment of Beyta Gear Service in August 2008 Charles is ready to put his experience to work on your project.

Beyta Gear Service specializes in:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Gearbox and machine upgrades
  • Custom gearbox design
  • Specification development
  • Project management
  • Vendor qualification
  • Design reviews
  • Bid evaluations
  • Process development
  • Tooling design
  • Customized gear training
  • Customized heat treat training
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Custom machine design

Job History

August 2008
Established Beyta Gear Service, a consulting firm.

2004 to August 2008
Brad Foote Gear Works, Inc. Cicero, Illinois
Vice-President of Engineering/Chief Engineer

Duties included designing custom gearboxes; supervising the design engineering, industrial engineering, and tool engineering departments; designing two gear gashing machines, assisting in the design of two induction hardening machines, designing a 35,000 gallon quench system, laying out new manufacturing facilities, designing tooling systems, preparing quotes for gearboxes, instructing co-workers on gearing and heat treating, and working with the sales force to develop new accounts.

June 1996 to June 2004
Brad Foote Gear Works, Inc. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Vice-President of Engineering

Duties included design of standard and custom gearboxes, reverse engineering of gearboxes, supervision of gearbox rebuilding operations, supervision of industrial engineering, cost estimating, management of quality control, and general management of the plant after 2002. Notable accomplishments included development of a new line of catalog parallel shaft gearboxes, the design and construction of over 200 custom gearboxes, and rebuilding of several hundred other gearboxes.

June 1989 to June 1996
Milwaukee Gear Company/Milwaukee Drive Systems Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Manager of Manufacturing Engineering – Manager of Product Development
Vice-President and General Manager [MDS]

Duties included supervision of (13) engineering department employees, cost estimating, design of custom gearing and gearboxes, sales support, vendor development, project management, and bottom line responsibility for the Drive System Division. Notable accomplishments included the development of electrically driven twin screw extruder gearboxes, wind turbine gearboxes, and the training of many new manufacturing engineers.

1985 to April 1989
Quaker City Gear Works Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania
Vice-President of Engineering and Marketing

Duties included supervision of design & manufacturing engineering, sales, and quality control departments, liaison with government inspection agencies, cost estimating, product development, preparation of marketing materials, and account development. Notable accomplishments included designing antenna drives and reverse engineering previously unduplicated special gear tooth forms.

1979 to 1985
Ex-Cell-O Corporation
Cone Drive Operations Traverse City, Michigan
Senior Design Engineer
Chicago Gear/D.O. James Chicago, Illinois
Engineering Manager

Duties included cost estimating, design of custom and standard gearboxes, field service, shop floor engineering, quality control training, and direct customer liaison. Notable accomplishments included development of a new line of catalog gearboxes and the creation of computer programs for gear design, rating, manufacturing, and cost estimating.

1971 to 1979
The Falk Corporation Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Drafting Apprentice, Engineering Technician, Product Development Engineer

Duties included preparation of drawings, working in many shop floor departments, test operation, and product design & development. Notable accomplishments included developing a method for strength balancing for carburized gears.


Milwaukee Area Technical College [Academic Apprentice of the Year 1973]
Marquette University 1972 to 1978 [Evening Division, 12 credits short of BSME degree, 3.5 of 4 GPA]
Licensed Professional Engineer in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania


An Introduction to Gear Design [1987 & 1997]
Gearbox Field Performance [AGMA FTM 1999]
Columns in Gear Technology and Gear Product News magazines [2004 to 2006]

References upon request

In addition to publishing a short book on gears, Charles has had columns published in leading industry magazines, presented a paper at the American Gear Manufacturers’ Association Fall Technical Meeting, and taught seminars on gears and heat treating. He currently writes for the Gear Technology blog.

Introduction to Gear Design, 2nd Edition

Download PDF 2.9MB

What's The Right Tolerance

Originally published in Gear Technology, March/April 2006

Download PDF 1MB

Successful Projects Depend on Careful Attention to Details

Originally published in Gear Product News, 2005

Download PDF 1MB

Understanding the Application: A Key to Economical Gearbox Purchases

Originally published in Gear Technology, November/December 2004

Download PDF 1.2MB

2009 AGMA Technical Paper

Published in 2009

Download PDF 1.2MB

The Effect of Gearbox Architecture on Wind Turbine Enclosure Size

Presented at the 2009 AGMA Fall Technical Meeting

Download PPT < 1MB

Presentation to Naperville branch of American Society for Metals

Presented September 8, 2009

Download PPT 6.8MB

AGMA Technical Paper: Reverse Engineering

Presented October 2010

Download PDF< 1MB

AGMA Technical Paper: High Contact Ratio Gearing

Presented October 2014

Download PDF< 5MB

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